How to Copy Contacts from Computer to iPad Pro

The iPad Pro, a giant 12.9 inches tablet, has already become another option of all mobile productivity devices. With the benefit from Apple Pencil, definitely you will ‘write’ more to your friends. Assuming you’ve already transfer contacts from iPhone to computer, no doubt you can write an email to your friend easily on computer. However, […]

How to Export Text Messages from iPhone 7 to Computer

To prevent unintentionally deleting the text messages on your iPhone, exporting text messages from iPhone to computer is a good choice worth considering. Now, here comes the problem: How to backup messages on iPhone 7? Obviously, to backup iPhone messages to PC one by one is not a good idea at all. It’s too tedious […]

How to Transfer Videos from iPhone 7 to Computer

The best camera is yet the one holding in your hand. With dual-lens camera equipped, no doubt iPhone 7 is the very best choice for you to shoot out and take a lot of films with. Although the latest iPhone 7 you are using, still it’s not taking full advantage on viewing movies on the […]

How to Transfer Contacts from iPhone 7 to Computer

My goal is to make a backup of my iPhone 7 contacts, preferably in a printed list. Although I’ve figured the way to do that would be to somehow merge my phone contacts into my Google Contacts on my MacBook. However, I do not want to merge my Gmail Contacts into my phone. As there […]

How to Transfer Photos from iPad to Computer

I recently reset my laptop to factory settings. I backed up my data and MOST of my photos on it:( However, I forgot to save the photos before I did it. All I have is a uploaded version on my iPad from a previous time. How do I upload photos onto my computer from my […]

How to Transfer Music from iPod Touch 6 to Computer

Believe or not, the iPod touch 6, which was put to market 2015, can upgrade to iOS 10.2. I think it’s amazing to every iPod lover. Are you still using iPod touch as your primary music player? Here I strongly recommend you to backup iPod touch music routinely in case that Apple decides to abandon […]

How to Transfer Photos from iPhone 7 to Computer

With dual-lens camera, no doubt that iPhone 7 Plus would be a great competition to pro DSLR. Hence people would like to choose iPhone as their primary photograph equipment and take tons of photos with it. However, the storage of iPhone would be the limit of it. Since you can’t change SD card for it […]

How to Transfer Photos from Android Mobile to Computer

Compares to expensive iPhone, Android conquers more than 85% of the mobile market with its affordable price and numerous models. With various Android mobile devices, people can experience the convenience brought by the development of technology. Taking photos, shooting films or just having some selfies, Android phone would be one of the most choices. However, […]

How to Transfer Music from Computer to iPhone 7 without iTunes

With the release of new generation iPhone, the price gap between iPhone and iPod touch has become smaller. As a result, more Apple fans would rather spend a little bit to get an iPhone instead of iPod touch. Both iPhone and iPod touch are running on iOS. Therefore, you may use it as a portable […]

How to Transfer Text Messages from iPhone 7 to Computer

Having a bunch of text messages that are hard to save and manage them on a small screen mobile phone? Have you ever considered that you may transfer all the SMS from iPhone to your computer? iTunes won’t allow you to backup messages, hence you need an iOS SMS manager to copy those SMS from […]