How to Transfer Music from iPhone 7 to Computer

At long last, iPhone 7 is about to be available all over the world. Apple sticks with the traditional naming system with the introduction of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. After more than two months digging on the upcoming iOS 10, no doubt that everyone is excited to experience it on the actual phones. […]

How to Transfer Photos from PC Computer to iPhone 6s

On Windows PC, iTunes might be one of the worst designed software for mobile users. For Example, if you need to import a picture from computer to iPhone, you have to include into iTunes library, move between albums and take minutes to sync to iPhone. Perhaps iCloud is a good choice, but you have to […]

How to Transfer Photos from Computer to iPad Pro

For photographers, reporters and designers, they will frequently browse Flickr, 500px, DeviantArt, Instagram, Photobucket to get the inspiration, concept for their works. Access to these websites and save a copy of the arts would be easy for them, but the key to coming up an idea is not caving in themselves. Instead, they need to […]

How to Transfer Music from Computer to Android Phone and Tablet

I’ve downloaded the music on my computer and now I am going to transfer those songs from to Android phone, which is running Android 6.0, Marshmallow. Is it possible? And please show me the easiest way to transfer music from computer to Android. Do you have the same need with this Android user? If your […]

How to Transfer Music from iPad Air to Computer

For some reasons, you may have saved a lot of music on your iPad Air, iPad Mini or iPad Pro. In most cases, iPad is designed to be a productivity tool instead of a storage device. Therefore, the memory space of it is quite little and valuable on iPad. Many iPad users would save songs […]