How to Transfer Photos from PC Computer to iPhone 6s

On Windows PC, iTunes might be one of the worst designed software for mobile users. For Example, if you need to import a picture from computer to iPhone, you have to include into iTunes library, move between albums and take minutes to sync to iPhone. Perhaps iCloud is a good choice, but you have to […]

How to Transfer Photos from iPad to iPad Pro

Want to buy the new iPad Pro and let go off your old iPad 4? Besides, you eager to transfer photos from iPad to the new iPad. Perhaps you can back up the whole iPad 4 and restore it to your new iPad Pro to make it. But still you can’t choose the photos you […]

How to Transfer Photos from Android Phone to iPhone 6s

According to the data from Flickr, besides Canon and Nikon Pro camera, iPhone is the most popular camera around the world. 12 megapixels iSight camera with state-of-the-art sensor, no doubt that iPhone 6s would be a great camera for great photos. All you have to do is tap the shutter button to take the most […]

How to Transfer Photos from iPhone SE to Mac

Photos on my iPhone are very precious for me. Some pictures are me with my lovely son and some are captured with my grandfather who passed away a few months ago. The photos are meaningful to me so I transfer them to Mac as a backup to prevent them from being away from me. But […]

How to Transfer Photos from Samsung Galaxy Tab to iPad Mini

It’s rumoring around that the next-gen iPad mini 5 tablet is expected to release in September, along with iPhone 7. With latest A9 processor and an M9 Motion co-processor, iPad Mini 5 is capable to use 3D Touch feature. Also, a better waterproof technology will apply on this iPad Mini, which makes it potentially get […]

How to Sync Photos between Samsung Galaxy S7 and iPhone 6s

In the world of phablet, phone-tablet hybrids, there are two popular choices for the customers: Android or iOS. Within all the models they provide, Samsung Galaxy S7 and iPhone 6s would be the most high-tech, cutting-edge choices on the market. Needless to say, in a week or two, a quantity of people will regret what […]

How to Transfer Photos from Computer to iPad Pro

For photographers, reporters and designers, they will frequently browse Flickr, 500px, DeviantArt, Instagram, Photobucket to get the inspiration, concept for their works. Access to these websites and save a copy of the arts would be easy for them, but the key to coming up an idea is not caving in themselves. Instead, they need to […]

How to Transfer Photos from iPhone to iPhone 6s Plus

I now have a new iPhone 6 Plus. As it has a larger screen and better retina display, pictures on it will be display clearer and better. Now I want to get photos from my old iPhone 4s to iPhone 6s Plus. Who can tell me a quick way? It’s good to own a latest […]