How to Transfer Videos from iPhone 7 to Computer

The best camera is yet the one holding in your hand. With dual-lens camera equipped, no doubt iPhone 7 is the very best choice for you to shoot out and take a lot of films with. Although the latest iPhone 7 you are using, still it’s not taking full advantage on viewing movies on the […]

How to Backup Media Files on Windows Phone

After years of co-operation with Nokia, Microsoft has released a few dozens Lumia Windows Mobile. Although it’s never on hot sale, a lot of Nokia fans would tend to own one. Sealed by the label of Nokia, Windows Phone is tough on hardware. However, compared to iOS or Android, Windows Mobile system is quite vulnerable. […]

How to Transfer Video from Android Tablet to iPad

I have an iPad Pro and a Galaxy Tab A tablet now. Here is the problem: What is the easiest way to transfer several large video files from my Android tablet and an iPad? Recently, Apple has released the great giant iPad most ever – iPad Pro. This iOS device has a 12.9 inch Retina […]

How to Transfer Videos from Computer to iPad Air

No doubt that you’ve saved a lot of video clips on the computer. But it’s never convenient to sit tight in front of computer to watch a two hours movie. Instead, watch it on iPad while laying on the bed would be much pleasant. However, to transfer movies from computer to iPad is never an […]

How to Transfer Video from Mac to iPhone

I created a 15 second video on my Mac and want to post it to Instagram. When I tried converting it to Quicktime with iTunes and adding it to the iPhone that way, I can’t see the video in the Photos on the iPhone. I’ve also tried reducing the file size and emailing it to […]

How to Transfer Video from Mac to iPad Pro

With larger screen compare to iPhone, while lighter weight on MacBook, iPad Pro would be the most successful productivity tool for daily uses. You can easily record, edit and share videos on iPad Pro. But if you have already saved the edited movies on your Mac and you tend to copy them from Mac to […]