How to Transfer Contacts from Android to iPhone 7 Plus

No matter you were an Android fan or iPhone lover, no doubt that you eager to get the new iPhone 7. However, contact transfer might be one of the most concerned problems while you switch to new iPhone. Since iTunes is only for Apple devices, you can never apply them on your Android. Therefore, you need another tool to cover this issue if you are using Android previously.

Fortunately, Phone Transfer provides a brand new way to transfer contacts from Android to iPhone. Hence you don’t need to transfer them via SIM cards or other cloud services. Instead, all you need are just USB cables and Phone Transfer. Since it supports most Android phones includes Google, Samsung, Sony, Motorola, so you don’t even need to worry about the compatibility problem.

Although this software will not delete your data, unless you tend to do so, I still recommend you should backup your contact list in the first place. This step-by-step tutorial below will outline how to sync contacts from Android to iPhone. Download this mighty tool below and follow the guide.

Phone Transfer – transfer contacts between Android and iPhone 7

This handy phone to phone transfer enables you to transfer contacts, music, photos from Android to iPhone without any data loss. Click to download a trial version below.

Step 1 Launch the Phone Transfer
After installing this contact transfer tool, click the Phone to Phone Transfer tile on the main interface.

Mobile Contact Transfer

Step 2 Connect both phones to the computer
Connect both the Android phone and iPhone to the same computer via USB cables. The software should detect them and display on the Source and Destination places. If they’re reversed, just click the Flip button to switch their places.

copy Android contacts to iPhone

Step 3 Transfer Android contacts to iPhone
Now, check the box of contacts in the middle line. Make sure uncheck the box “Clear data before copy” unless you do want to erase the data on your iPhone.
Now, click Start Copy. The contacts in transferring will be displayed on the pop-up window.

manage contacts between Android and iPhone

All the contacts should be well copied and import to your new iPhone 7 in a few seconds. Remember to check again if your contacts are transferred completely. In addition, you may transfer contacts back from iPhone to Android with Phone Transfer powerful function.

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