How to Transfer Text Messages from Android 6 to iPhone 7

Just bought my wife an iPhone 7. However, she needs to move text messages on the old Android to the new iPhone. Is this possible? In other words, any guide to achieving this?

Like many other people, it may worry you on when you want to transfer SMS from Android to iPhone. Since iOS and Android are two different mobile platforms, it’s nearly impossible to copy data directly. Therefore, a professional phone to phone transfer would be a good choice for you to sync data between Android and iPhone.

Phone Transfer, one of the best data transfer designed for multiple mobile platforms. Data like SMS, contacts, music, photos can be moved directly over various mobile operating system including Android, iOS, BlackBerry OS can. Down below, you may download this helpful tool free. Follow the step-by-step to merge your SMS from Android to iPhone.

Phone Transfer – Excellent text messages transfer for mobile phone

Phone Transfer is useful on copying Android SMS to iPhone. By providing the most convenient resolution, anyone can easily manage text messages across different mobile OS.

Step 1 Launch the Android to iPhone Transfer
First of all, install and run the software on your computer. Click the Phone to Phone Transfer section. Now, connect both of Android phone and iPhone by using USB cables to the same computer.

Mobile Phone Text Messages Transfer

Step 2 Choose text messages to transfer
Once the software detects their model, you will see your mobile model and data on the main interface. At this moment, make sure the Source and Destination are in right places. Simply click Flip button can change the transfer direction.

Copy text messages from Android to iPhone 7

Step 3 Copy text messages from Android to iPhone
When everything is checked, click Start Copy button to begin the process. All the SMS that is being transferred will be listed in the pop-up window. Remember not to plug out your phone during the process in case of data corruption. When the process is completed, click OK to finish it.

manage SMS between Android phone and iPhone

For now, every piece of message will be saved and merged on your latest iPhone 7. With Phone Transfer, you can copy almost all the data between any two phones. Download this mighty tool and check more articles on this site.

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