How to Transfer Data from BlackBerry to Samsung Galaxy S7

Lots of sales reports on smartphone operating system reflect that Blackberry have got a reducing sales share, from 0.5% (2014) to 0.3% (2015) while Android has a stable one, from 84.8%(2014) to 82.8% (2015). That possibly means a number of BlackBerry users turn to Android, especially Samsung in recent years.

As a result, Blackberry to Samsung phone data transfer solutions and tutorials are now greatly needed. To keep the long story short, I will show you how to transfer data from BlackBerry to Samsung right now. Phone Transfer will be a good choice to begin without doubts.

Phone Transfer, is extraordinary software which supports different phone operating systems, Blackberry and Android. And it’s even compatible with iOS, Windows Phone. Being developed and maintained by an outstanding tech team, the BlackBerry to Samsung phone data transfer software simplifies the transfer process for Samsung users.

Phone Transfer – copy BlackBerry data to Samsung

Before giving away your BlackBerry, you can transfer the BlackBerry contacts, SMS, and more data to Samsung. Phone Transfer is such a powerful program to transfer data between BB phone and Samsung.

Step 1 Backup BlackBerry with Desktop Software
First thing first, you will be asked to backup your BlackBerry data with BlackBerry® Desktop Software. Skip this step if you have done backup recently.

Connect your BB to the computer using USB cable. Launch the Desktop software and click “Back up now” to do the backup as the below screenshot shows.

BlackBerry data backup software

Step 2 Connect Samsung phone to computer
Let’s say Samsung Galaxy S6/S6 Edge. Download and install Phone Transfer on your PC. Launch it and choose the “Restore from Backup” mode to restore the Blackberry backup.

Copy backup pack data to Android

Step 3 Transfer files from BlackBerry to Samsung
After that, your BlackBerry backup files will be shown in the left side of the interface and your Samsung device in the right. In the middle of the screenshot, there are several supported data types provided. Choose the latest BB backup files you’d like to transfer to Samsung first, then, tick the data types like contacts, text messages and call logs, etc. After choosing, click “Start Copy” to start the transfer.

transfer BlackBerry data to Android phone

Note: If you want to clear your Samsung, you can tick the box at the bottom which says “Clear data before copy”.

That’s all about how to transfer data from BlackBerry to Samsung. You can feel at ease even if you want to change into using a new smartphone, like move BlackBerry data to iPhone, which runs completely different mobile operating system with your old BB phone, as long as you have BlackBerry to Samsung phone data transferred with you.

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