How to Transfer Music from iPhone 7 to iTunes

Planning to get the fancy iPhone 7 Plus to replace the old iPhone? But do you know how to copy music between them? Of course, you may transport them via iTunes, by making a music library and import and export them several times with complicated procedures. But would there be a more simple method to transfer music from iPhone to iTunes?

Without a doubt, iOS Transfer would be one of the best music managers for you to copy music between iPhone and iTunes. Not only songs and playlists can be transferred, all the meta information including playcounts, ratings can be also done in once. Furthermore, this mighty music transfer supports from the latest iPhone 7/7 Plus to iPhone 4S. As long as you follow the guide below, you could transfer iPhone music to iTunes in less than one minute.

iOS Transfer – manage your iPhone music in a better way

iOS Transfer empowers you to move music from iPhone to iTunes or retrieve iTunes music back to iPhone. Click the button below to download it.

Step 1 Connect iPhone to computer
After downloading and installing iOS Transfer, connect your old iPhone to your computer via USB cable. Meanwhile, the software will automatically detect its model and display it as below.

iPhone Transfer Home

Step 2 Copy all the songs from iPhone to iTunes
When your iPhone is well connected, click the “Rebuild iTunes Library” button in the primary interface. As a result, all music pieces in your iPhone will send to iTunes.

Send music from iPhone to iTunes library

Step 3 Transfer music from iPhone to iTunes individually
However, not all the music transferred are what you need. Therefore, you may transfer them selectively. Move to “Music” Tab on the top side. Then check the songs you want to transfer to iTunes. Click “Export” > “Export to iTunes“. By this mean, all the selected music will be transferred to iTunes as above.

Transfer iPhone music to iTunes

If you want to transfer playlists to iTunes library, just simply right click on the playlist on the left column and tap Export to iTunes as previous. It’s as easy as this method: Select, Export-to-iTunes, and done.

DOWNLOAD it by clicking the buttons below!

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