How to Transfer iPhone SMS to Android Phone/Tablet

First World Problem: iOS or Android? To use a simple and elegant iPhone or to choose one from millions various choices of Android phone? That’s a question. No matter what kind of mobile operation system you choose, the data inside your phone is the most important.

Unlike media files like music, photos or videos, text messages on your phones can’t be directly extracted and move to another phone. What’s worse, you need to copy SMS between different mobile OS. Take a sample, to transfer iPhone SMS to Android phone, like Samsung. It’s tricky to get them at once and import to the new Android phone since iPhone text message formats aren’t friendly to Android, which means you would need an SMS convert tool to sync SMS between iPhone and Android.

Phone Transfer might be the very best choice for you to transfer text messages from iPhone 6 to other Android phone. All you need is download the tool and follow the easy guide below. In spite of iPhone 6s and iPhone 6 Plus, you may also apply the tutorial to you iPhone 5s/5c/5 and iPhone 4S.

Phone Transfer – smart SMS transfer between iOS and Android

Phone Transfer covers most modern mobile brands, including iPhone, Samsung, Sony, Huawei, Google Nexus, Motorola, etc. You can sync SMS and other data between any two mobile phones. Tablets run on Android/iOS are also supported.

Step 1 Get the Phone Transfer
Download the Phone to Phone Transfer by clicking the buttons above. Then choose the suitable version base on the OS of your computer. Phone Transfer supports Windows 10/8/7/XP, macOS X.
After complete installation, the main window will pop up as the demo below.

iPhone to Android Transfer

Step 2 Connect and Select
First, you need to backup contacts to OneDrive on your WinPhone. If you’ve already did it, you can skip this step.

After that, click the “Phone to Phone Transfer” tile and connect both of your phones to the same computer via USB cables. If the places of Source and Destination are reversed, simply click Flip button in the middle.
Please uncheck all the boxes except “Text messages“. Now, you are ready to launch the transferring procedure.

transfer data between iPhone and Android

Step 3 Transfer SMS from iPhone to Android
Tap Start Copy in the center column, when all the things are ready. The progress bar will show on the other window. Remember to keep the cable connected during the transferring. When all the messages are sent, click OK to finish synchronization.

copy iPhone SMS to Android

Is it simple enough for you to achieve such a hard job? With a minute, if you decide to going back to iOS, you may also transfer SMS from Android to iPhone with this mighty tool. Go grab one by clicking the button below.

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