How to Transfer Music from Android to Android N

Google has rapidly developed their great mobile system – Android. Now Android Nougat rolling out. No doubt that you need and eager to grab a brand new Android N mobile and get in use ASAP. But the stuff on the old Android phone, how should we treat it? Just leave them to stay there? Of course no! You may sync all the data from old Android phone to another new Android phone with the help of Phone Transfer.

Take a sample, like music files. Many people store their songs on the phone so that they can listen to them while walking, running or driving. But the paths where the music saved are various on the phone. It’s nearly impossible to export them. But with the powerful data transfer – Phone Transfer, you can easily copy music between Android phones in one click.

Phone Transfer provides a brand new way to sync music between different Android version. Down below elaborates the very simple way to get music exported/imported in 3 minutes.

Phone Transfer – sync music between Android phones in one click

Phone Transfer supports all brands of Android phones, tablets and wearware that run on Android 2.3 to 7. You can download this tool below and have a limited free trial.

Step 1 Install Phone Transfer
Download the suitable version Phone Transfer and install it on your computer.
Click the Phone to Phone Transfer tile on the primary screen before connecting both Android mobiles via USB cables.

Android Music Transfer

Step 2 Scan the music files
Make sure you’ve place the old Android phone on the left Source and new Android phone on the right Destination. The tool will scan all the data that could be synced and list them on the middle column.

Android music sync to Android

Step 3 Copy music from Android to another Android phone
Make sure both phones are connected firmly. Check only Music in the middle since songs are the only thing that we want. Now, click the Start Copy button. The tool will transfer and merge music files for you.
You can view the process on the pop-up window.

copy songs between Android

If you want to wipe the data that have original saved on the new Android phone. You may check the “Clear data before copy”. Otherwise, leave it unchecked.
When it’s done, you can hang out with your very latest Android M phone. By this means, you may also copy SMS from Android phone to new Android mobile with this mighty tool.
Don’t forget to get the latest version below.

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