How to Transfer MP3 Music to iPod Touch without iTunes

First of all, I have nearly 1000 MP3 songs stored on my PC. For some reasons, only 559 songs were successfully transferred to iTunes and only 341 able to import into iPod. How can I make sure all MP3 songs move to iTunes, and then to my iPod? Also, is there a more simple way to add songs to iPod, possibly without iTunes or dragging multiple at once?

With more accessible apps and lower price compares to Sony Walkman, no doubt that iPod is an ideal music player for music lovers. However, the music manager tool on PC is a nightmare. iTunes is never a friendly tool for music transfer. It takes more time and meaningless configure to build iTunes Library before you can transfer music from computer to iPod.

Fortunately, iOS Transfer is capable to copy songs from Mac or PC to iPod touch directly without using iTunes. Instead of searching and hunting by trial and error, iOS Transfer is the best music manager tool for your iPod. Now, read and follow the guide below to achieve music transferring.

iPod Transfer – Best iPod music transfer tool ever

iOS Transfer empowers you to copy music between iPhone, iPod, iPad, PC and Mac. Download the suitable version below.

Step 1 Install iPod Music Transfer
Install iOS Transfer on your computer like other common software. Launch it and connect your iPod to PC with USB cable. In less than seconds, the tool will display iPod storage status on the primary screen.

iPod Music Manage tool

Step 2 Export iPod Playlist to iTunes Library
Click the Music on the top line. After that, you would able to see all songs and soundclip already saved on your iPod. Tap “Add” on the command line, and select “Add File“. By this means, you can add multiple mp3 music to iPod directly, along with ID3 tags.

import music to iPod

In addition, if you’ve already collected all songs in one folder, you may select “Add Folder” to sync all music to iPod in once.

Furthermore, you may export iPod music back to computer with iOS Transfer. Last thing do remember: download the suitable version below.

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