How to Transfer Nokia WinPhone Data to New Android Phone

Now, it’s time! Google has released the latest Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P while the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge+ is about to come up. Therefore, you have the opportunity to get a brand new phone. No matter which phone you decide to get, there is a lot of stuff to be copy and sync. For example, personal data includes music, photos or videos. How on the earth you are about to migrate the data from Windows Phone to Android Phone?

Phone Transfer provides an all-in-one solution for WinPhone to Android Phone data migration. In only one click, you can easily transfer all the photos, videos and music less than a minutes. You can also easily backup and extract data with this tool in case of accidental deletion.

First of all, get the transfer tool by clicking the buttons below.

Phone Transfer – notable photo transfer between WinPhone and Android

Phone Transfer is well designed to cover various mobile platforms and specifically coding to transfer data between iOS, Android, Windows Phone without any data loss.

Step 1 Install the Phone to Phone Transfer
As soon as you launch the transfer tool, click the tile “Phone to Phone Transfer“.

WinPhone to Android Transfer

Step 2 Backup and Retrieve Contacts from OneDrive
After that, you would need to backup contacts to OneDrive on your WinPhone. If you’ve already did it, you can skip this step.

On your WinPhone. Tap Setting > email+account, tap and hold on your Microsoft account, choose “Sync“.

Back to the tool. Connect your WinPhone through USB cable. Click “Have backed up already.” and login your OneDrive account on the pop-up window. The software will analyze and restore the online data to your local computer.

connect WinPhone to Phone Transfer

When it’s done, “Connected” will be shown in the bottom, as the contact counts will be displayed in the middle column.

OneDrive account is connected

Step 3 Move data from WinPhone to Android
Choose the data you want copy in the middle column. Leave it default if you want to transfer all the data the software supported.
When everything is checked, tap Start Transfer, sit back and relax.

copy WinPhone Data to Android

Remember to keep both phones connected during the transfer process.
If you would love to transfer data from other mobile phones to Android, you can achieve it with this mighty tool as well.
Get it by clicking the buttons below!

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