How to Sync Data from Windows Phone to iOS Devices

When you acquire an iOS device, like the latest iPhone SE, guaranteed that you will be stunned by the splendid user interface and friendly operate method. Compare to Windows Store, Apple Apps Store provides more than 1.5 million available apps for you to download and use on the ground. There is no doubt that you will be attracted by this amazing mobile system rather that Windows Mobile.

To purchase an iOS device is easy, but to transfer data from Windows Phone to iOS devices is not as simple as it looks like. Windows Mobile uses OneDrive series online storage while iOS device uses iTunes and iCloud to manage data. There could be hardship to sync data between Windows Mobile and iOS. And it’s nearly impossible to move data directly from Windows Lumia Phone to iPhone. Perhaps you need a powerful data transfer tool.

Phone Transfer is a data transfer that designed to solve the problem on file syncing between mobile platforms. With its unique feather, you may copy data includes contacts, photos, music and videos directly from Windows Phone to iPhone, iPad, iPod. Read the following guide to see how to achieve it.

Phone Transfer – Data Transfer for Lumia Phone and iPhone

Before the transfer process, download the software below depend on the OS you are using. The instruction will show you the Windows way. Mac version is similar to the Win one.

Step 1 Install WinPhone to iOS Transfer
Once you launch the transfer tool, click the tile “Phone to Phone Transfer“. This will lead you to the data transfer section.

WinPhone to iPhone Transfer

Step 2 Connect both mobile phones to PC
Connect the mobile phones with USB cables to the same PC. The software should detect their models and scan all files can be transferred once it’s well connected. You may view the amount in the middle column.

Windows Mobile sync data to iPhone

Step 3 Transfer data from WinPhone to iPhone
Click Flip if the places of your mobile phones are reversed. Check the items you want to transfer in the middle line. Tap Start Transfer button, the tool will sync all content you choose from Source phone to Destination device.

file transferring from WinPhone to iOS devices

By this mean, you can copy files from Windows Phone to iPhone directly. You may also copy data from WinPhone to Android phone with Phone Transfer. Don’t forget to download the latest version below.

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