Let’s See The Announcements from Apple WWDC 2016

Just as great as last year, Apple held the amazing WWDC 2016 in the middle of this June. This year, extraordinary things comes to Mac, iPhone, Watch, TV and more on SaaS (software as a service) across the Siri, iMessage and Apple Pay. For now, let’s take a quick browse on the news of WWDC 2016.

What’s news on Apple WWDC 2016

Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) 2016 host on San Francisco between 13-17 in June. Over the course of two hours, news across multiple Apple platform and hardware were published. Meantime, we have all the news about the latest enhancements coming to your Mac, your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Apple TV.

1 macOS has a brand new title
For now, OS X becomes macOS, with the latest successor named Sierra. The beta version will be available in this July while the final release is coming by fall.
The new macOS will force on continuity between mobile and desktop platforms, as their competition, Windows 10 did. With the benefit from iCloud, you can easily save and share files between mac desktop to any iOS devices.

macOS Sierra

2 More advancing on Apple Watch
Apple Watch gets much swift and more features with watchOS 3. Tons of updates were added to the new watchOS. The side button can perform as a “dock” like macOS. This allows user scroll inside an App, more like Control Center on iPhone.
A keyboard called “Scribble” empowers wearer respond a message by draw out each individual letter instead of typing them.

watchOS 3 on Apple Watch

3 A complete redesign over Apple Music and Messages
Instead of fixing it with patch, this one-year-old Apple Music gets a complete redesign. New layouts provides a easier way to navigate, browse and play music. Apple also appears to use “discovery mix” to tailors the playlist based on listeners’ tastes. This new feature will powered by Spotify, a great online music service provider.
On the aspect on iMessage, bigger emoji are included in iMessages. While typing some certain keywords, the suggestions will pop up for you to send.

iMessage with emoji

4 tvOS expands fast than ever
Intelligent Television is another hardware market that Apple involves. tvOS now hosts 1300 video channels and more than 6000 Apps. The library is going to be growing in a very short term. Fox Sports, Molotov, Dish’s Sling, you can view all these in this summer. Plus, Siri is now enable for you to search from 650000 movies and shows by just saying it.

growing tvOS on Apple TV

Lots of minor updates it seems packed on WWDC 2016, but together they make a better while larger Apple’s ecosystem. From tiny Apple Watch, to big Apple TV, a HomeKit hub, Apple become more accessible in any objects and any places. No doubt that it would dominate your house. We wonder when there is the Apple vehicle.

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